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Delivering exceptional quality, extraordinary service, and high data security!

Alcance provides transcription and information management services to hospitals, integrated health care facilities, medical clinics and physicians, delivering customer delight, high accuracy and fastest turnaround time.

As a busy medical practitioner, all you have to do is dictate your observations about your patients into a digital recording device and send the voice files to us. We will transcribe, format, edit and proofread your medical documents within a 24 hour turnaround time.

Why Alcance?

  • We assure you of the confidentiality of patient information, as we use secure servers, encryption, and third party certification while downloading files.
  • The skilled manpower pool at Alcance consists of language specialists, equipped with domain expertise in medical terms and English language, and exceptional listening and typing skills.
  • Our transcriptional work on secure networks and best-of-breed infrastructure to provide fast, secure, and proficient transcriptions everyday.
  • Our team are subject to rigorous quality processes and will incorporate the minutest details and specifications of our clients into the transcription cycle and deliver within the stipulated TAT.
  • Our turnaround time is less than 24 hours. With Alcance as your strategic business partner, send us your voice file to be transcribed this evening, and rest assured you can print them out tomorrow morning!