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Alcance relieves clients of burdensome, time consuming tasks and helps them focus on critical path tasks. We offer a spectrum of automatic data processing and information processing services providing cost-effective support and services across all time zone sand geographies. We work, even when your team is away from the office!

Our services span across industries such as banking, finance, aviation, healthcare, insurance, media and across businesses that typically handle forms filled out by individuals or are machine-generated.The data capture and document management solutions cover litigation support, publishing, scientific and engineering applications, insurance and medical forms. We cater to the diverse requirements of clients ranging from one-time keyboarding requirements to complex order-processing and entry processes.

Our communication processes are designed to ensure that the client always has his finger on the pulse of the business any day any-time! Our team is available by telephone, Skype, instant messaging and internet chat, and our clients can always contact to get answers to questions and stay in touch with project progress.

With global business becoming a highly complex endeavour with many factors and variables in play, we converge non-core operations and innovative technology to drive down your costs and ensure superior customer experience!

Why Alcance?

Personalized service and exceptional customer care is what differentiates us from other Business Process Outsourcing companies. Our team stands on its toes to deliver par excellence and goes the extra mile in being available to you around the clock. You can have your finger on the pulse of your project at any time of day or night.

True business outcomes and fast turnaround are what you need and should expect from your BPO partner. Alcance adheres to client requirements and builds the process accordingly.

Financial benefits: Alcance offers savings in your current costs, ranging anywhere from 40% to 80%.

Scalability of your team Whether you need 1, 2 or even 50 people, we will rise to you’re your requirement. With dedicated staff, your project can scale in a matter of days.

Additional reasons for working with us:

  • 24/7 work schedule
  • No down time of staff
  • Reduction of your management time

Skilled IT professionals that will maximise the value of your processes.

Give us a call to see how fast and seamlessly we can get your project into full swing.